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Agnes Talbot CV writer

I am an HR qualified CV writer with recruitment and management background in the UK and Canada. I have seen the recruitment process firsthand from every possible angle - as an HR practitioner, recruitment consultant, hiring manager and of course, I've been in the shoes of a hopeful job seeker myself. When creating a professional CV, my all-round knowledge of the recruitment process is immensely helpful. I know how and why.

I will research your industry thoroughly to better understand the role you are going for and will explore recent trends in your field to maximise ATS keyword optimisation. I will analyse your work history to find out how your former positions relate to your current career goal, so I can showcase your most relevant skills and attributes.

Every ROOK CV comes with two Cover Letters; one for advertised positions and one for speculative applications.

I always encourage my clients to be proactive and seek out opportunities that have not been advertised.

Interested, but not sure...? Happy to send samples of my work.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at
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